• Stereo Microscopes for Education

    Three dimensional viewing for exploring large specimens.

    Please see our stereo microscope product range for education listed below.

  • Macroscopes

    Leica Z-Series Macroscopes

    The Leica Z-Series Macroscopes are zoom systems with a single vertical beam path which provide 2D images and ensure parallax-free imaging.

    The fully apochromatic zoom optics offers extremely high color fidelity, accuracy, contrast, sharpness, brilliance and high-resolution even at long working distances.

    With 2 manual and 2 motorized zoom body options to choose from, plus the high modularity of the Leica Z-Series, we offer the perfect conditions for numerous types of documentation, parallax-free measurements and correct polarization colors.

  • Stereo Microscopes - Illumination

    Leica Microsystems offers a broad spectrum of excellent LED illuminators for various incident light applications.

    Selecting the right illuminator

    In addition to the composition of the sample, the information to be gained is most critical for selecting the right illuminator. Depending on the application and task, one or the other illuminator may provide better results. The next section gives you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual illuminators.

    Bright, uniform illumination

    Ring light illuminators are best suited for bright, uniform illumination.

    Leica LED3000 RL, Leica LED5000 RL

    Nearly shadow-free illumination

    Nearly shadow-free illumination is achieved using what is called the "near vertical illuminator." Here, 2 LED spotlights are very close to the optical axis and shine on the sample.

    Leica LED3000 NVI

    Highly diffuse illumination

    Shiny samples are often very difficult to document. Under or overexposed areas are acquired by the digital microscope cameras and cannot be further evaluated. To improve this problem, a special dome illuminator was developed with the Leica FlexDome™.

    Leica LED5000 HDI

    Coaxial illumination

    With coaxial illumination, the beam of light is guided through the optics and reflected on the sample. This requires the sample to be smooth and reflective. Coaxial illumination can be used with routine as well as high-performance stereo microscopes.

    Leica LED5000 CXI

    High-contrast illumination

    High-contrast illumination is offered by spotlight illuminators with moveable goosenecks for high flexibility. Fixed multi-contrast illuminators provide the same results, but their design makes the illumination settings reproducible.

    Spotlight illuminators: Leica LED3000 SLI, Leica LED5000 SLI
    Multi-contrast illuminators: Leica LED3000 MCI, Leica LED5000 MCI

    • Leica LED5000 family: For high-performance microscopes
    • Leica LED3000 family: For routine stereomicroscopes
    • Leica LED2000/2500 family: The stands with integrated LED illumination for routine stereomicroscopes
    • Leica LED1000 family: The modular LED illuminator family for routine stereomicroscopes
    • Leica KL200 LED/L2 family: Cold light sources with a large range of fiber-optic light guides for routine stereomicroscopes
  • Manual Stereo Microscopes
  • Stands & Accessories
  • Automated Stereo Microscopes
  • Fluorescence
  • Ergonomics Accessories

    Leica’s ergonomics program is the world's most comprehensive for stereomicroscopes, enabling every user to match the instrument to work procedures, environment and to personal physique.

    An incorrect position at the microscope can lead to physical discomfort or worse, reducing work performance and productivity. Leica Microsystems has therefore paid more attention than any other stereomicroscope manufacturer to the ergonomics of the instrument and of the workstation.